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Aside from using much less energy and heat than other types of lighting technology. LED Lightings are also environmentally friendly because they do not contain any toxic chemicals or hazardous substances. Regular light source put carbon dioxide, sulphur oxide and mercury waste into the landfills and atmosphere. By changing your light source to low energy LED home lighting, it helps to keep one half tonne of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere through its life cycle. It will also keep the sulphur oxide and mercury waste to a minimum in the landfills and environment.

All the Carinae LEDs are mercury-free and leave a small carbon foot print. They also reduce the waste stream by being long-lasting in comparison to throwing out 50 incandescent or 5 CFLs over the course of a single LED light source.

By switching one light source in your home or office, the environmental concerns being discussed with fervency these past couple of years can begin to be addressed on a global scale.
Energy Efficiency
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Zero Toxic
Aside from using much less energy and heat than other types of lighting.. read more
Low Cost
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Durable & Long Lasting
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